Barbora Kundračíková: Museum, forum, visual manipulations and illusions

TUE | 25. 8. | 8 P.M. | Museum of Modern Art | FREE ENTRY
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For the first time during the spring months, we were able to fully feel what it means to live through images - exactly in the sense that all the great prophets of the new media of recent decades have appealed to. This consideration concerns precisely the forms and degree of visual manipulation to which we are obviously subject. It also reflects this exceptionally global experience, but first and foremost it addresses ordinary moments and real situations. It uses the floor plan of the museum or forum, and interprets the "hyperreality" in which we live as a possibly problematic or unwanted, but quite natural consequence of the human grasp of the world. The subliminal question is whether it has ever been different - whether the need for illusion, both emotional and cognitive, is not quite basic. Are todays paintings really special in anything? Are there any new technologies in anything? Does it really change our perception of the world, our orientation in it, our experience and communication? The paper is loosely related to the Triennial of Central European Art and Culture, which will be held at the Olomouc Museum of Art for the first time in 2021 and whose topic is precisely different ways of thinking about the world and its organization.

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